The most important part of an impressive presentation is the foundation that no one sees! Introducing the comfortable, stretchy, SONATA - the modern way for all body types and sizes to achieve lovely proportions while delivering weight distributing and body smoothing results.

The Sonata surrounds the torso with firm, yet flexible support. It corrects posture and supports the core to allow the muscles to exert less effort in supporting the weight of the body, relieving back pain. Proper posture alignment is known to facilitate oxygen-flow for enhanced energy! This premium support garment uses high-quality materials and always manufactured in central Indiana, USA.



• Mid-back support

• Corrects posture - spinal alignment

• Comfortable, strong-flexible fit

• Smooths abdominal area and lower-back rolls

• Made of breathable fabric, will not trap body heat

• Cures droopy bust lines by cradling bra

• Creates pleasing proportioned ratio, bust to waist to hip

• Relieves stress on garment seams and zipper

• Allows garment to caress body; alleviates unwanted clinging

• Reduces bouncing busts during strenuous activity

• Helps dress hemlines to hang more evenly

Sonata Sizer Set

Don't want to rely on your own measurements to purchase the right size Sonata? We know it is difficult especially with many girls of different sizes, which is why we have the Sonata Sizer Set to offer!

How does it work?

We send you every size Sonata that we stock (except 7XL) so that you can easily size your group and know what you need to buy! When you receive the sizer set, you have five business days to complete your fitting and ship back using a return label enclosed with the package. Your purchase is refunded immediately when they arrive or we will cancel your PO.